" You DON"T have to throw away your mattress! "

" We eliminate bed bugs in just ONE visit."

" We can save you thousands of dollars."

We put the  HEAT  on bed bugs!

   In Columbus, Bed Bug Burners LLC will exterminate your problem for good! We use HEAT treatment to safely and effectively kill the pests in your home. Our pesticide free,  green heat treatment eliminates the  threat of bedbugs in your home or business without the mess or danger of toxins.

                  Results are 100% guaranteed!

  A good bed bug exterminator is hard to come by  when your looking for the safest option. Bed Bug Burners LLC is the perfect solution for this troublesome pest. If you are worried about the ill effects and the inferior chemical treatments traditionally used by most extermination companies,  let us introduce you to the newest and most effective techniques known to the industry. We use HEAT treatment to safely and effectively kill the pest in your home. In Columbus, a bed bug exterminator to eliminate your problem for good is Bed Bug Burners LLC in Columbus, Ohio!

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   This method is non-toxic, and there is no chemical residue left behind. Our HEAT treatment kills both the infestation and the eggs they are leaving behind with controlled, regulated temperatures. We have the knowledge, equipment & experience to eliminate infestations within the treatment area in homes, hotels, nursing homes and everything else in between in Columbus, Ohio. We proudly  and safely take care of all 88 counties of our beautiful state.

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